Photo by XiXinXing/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by XiXinXing/iStock / Getty Images
Perhaps it takes courage to raise children.
— John Steinbeck

I will support you with information and ideas on how to face parenting challenges.


Parenting and Family Work

I help families build strong and healthy relationships that support each family member reach her/his goals. This includes creating a home environment that is safe, supportive, and reliable.

When parents contact me for help, I schedule an initial meeting with them to gather information about challenges they face and goals they have for their family. When appropriate, I also meet with the child/children to learn more how I can best help them overcome their challenges and become happier and healthier. After the initial sessions, I sit down with the parents and create a treatment plan in moving forward. I work as a team with parents throughout family and child therapy which makes the positive changes learned through therapy more powerful and sustainable.

I can help your family with:

Healing from Trauma and Loss

Parenting Challenges

Grief and Loss

Behavior Challenges




Anxiety and Depression

Challenges getting along with others

Life Transitions

Problems at School


Identity Challenges