I work with couples who want to feel more connected and create new ways to navigate disagreements and challenges together. I use theory and techniques from Gottman Couples Therapy and Emotion Focused Therapy models of couple counseling.

I offer regular couples counseling and conjoint couples counseling. I work with couples to choose the model that will best help them meet their goals. I specialize in helping heterosexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, and other couples.

Conjoint Couples

In conjoint couples counseling, each member of the couple has an individual therapist that they meet with regularly, and all four people (the couple and both therapists) come together for conjoint couples sessions.

This provides more support for the couple during the couples session and allows each partner to take the couples work into their individual therapy sessions. My co-counselor Fox Vernon, PhD. and I have worked with several couples using this model and find it provides enormous support and guidance for individual work, increasing our ability to help couples reach their goals.